To our curious traveler,

We are so excited to welcome you to our unique and historic property. Built in 1796, we have worked to create a property that welcomes and intrigues all guests and visitors. Across the property you’ll find our nineteen guest rooms, chef-driven restaurant, guided tours of the historic home, a retail space, with a coffee shop and lounge that invites you to relax for hours. Above all, we hope to impress you with our hospitality and to leave you with a unique experience!


The Myrtles Team

Experience The Myrtles

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New Orleans 98 miles
Baton Rouge 26 miles
Lafayette 87 miles
Natchez 59 miles
Lake Charles 158 miles
Mobile 232 miles
Biloxi 179 miles
Houston 289 miles
Dallas 390 miles
Memphis 348 miles
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